Induction cooker microcontroller

Induction cooker microcontroller

Induction cooker technology development history

Reviewing the history of the development of induction cooker technology in China.

We can find that the development of induction cooker technology has gone through

Several stages.

一. Digital circuit and Darlington tube period(1985-1990). It is characterized by multiple Darlingtontubes are used in parallel and controlled by digital circuits.


二. The period of general-purpose microcontroller and IGBT (1998-2006).

2006). It is characterized by a single IGBT, general-purpose microcontroller control (PWM technology).


Of course, in this process, some other technologies technology has also been developed, such as: fan (AC) current motor to brush DC motor to brushless DC motor; power supply technology (from transformer power to switching power source; protection technology (from only overcurrent protection to surge protection). Although many technologies have been well developed development, but some basic circuits are not different from the original circuit.The basic circuits do not differ from the original ones, such as synchronous circuits, power conditioning circuits, IGBT drive signal generation circuits, and IGBT driver circuits. IGBT drive signal generation circuits, and IGBT drive circuits.


Induction cooker technology status, At present, the mainstream technology of induction cooker industry is still PWM technology. As this technology has been developed for nearly ten years time, it has long been mastered by many manufacturers and professional solution companies. so there is no significant difference in the advanced technology.There is no significant difference in technological advancement. The difference in product quality is mostly due to the technical means of each company’s testing, production quality control, spare parts quality, etc.


Induction cooker industry status

As we all know, induction cooker is one of the most technically. One of the most complex products, technological progress is the core element to improve product quality and reduce the cost of the core elements of the product. Although induction technology has made some progress in recent years, it is undeniable that the return rate of induction cooker in small home appliance industry is higher. More helpless is: not say that the high cost or that the quality of the materials used must be able to good. For example, some IGBTs are large and costly, but the quality is not stable, so they are withdrawn from the market.But the quality is not stable, so it is withdrawn from the induction cooker industry. Infineon’s IGBTs are small, cheap and good.But the technology is stable, so it gets good comments from most manufacturers.Induction cooker technology threshold is lowering, the industry is mixed chaos, the price war is intensifying, the quality is worrying, leading to

led to a halt in the development of the industry in 2006. Induction cooker development

Where is the road, is driven by advertising, by the concept of speculation, or is by technological progress? It can be said that induction cooker technology to today there has been a bottleneck, can break through the technical bottleneck,Will be the key to the healthy development of enterprises.


Conventional Circuit 1


Conventional Circuit 2


Conventional Circuit 3

The above circuits are currently used in the market. The most used schemes are very representative. At the same time, we also see that the industry specializes in program companies.There are many companies that do not have the strength or are not willing to invest in the research and development of key technologies, and a circuit program often has more than one enterprise in use, This is also the root cause of the homogeneity of each enterprise’s product technology.This is one of the root causes of homogenization of product technology among various companies.


PIDT Technology Introduction



Traditional PWM drive technology, the drive signal generation, the microcontroller can provide only a reference.The other part is made of sawtooth wave and and triangle waves to do the pulse width debugging work, forming the power control. To a large extent, the charging capacitor determines the IGBT drive width, but there is no way to know the IGBT operating state. Therefore, the requirements for capacitor quality are very high.


And Programmable IGBT Drive Technology (PIDT), is another breakthrough in induction cooker technology, breaking the PWM technology, its core is reflected in the enterprise.

The core is reflected in the enterprise’s own planning with independent intellectual property rights of the single-chip. The core is reflected in the enterprise’s own planning with independent intellectual property rights of the microcontroller (MCU), the IGBT control signal directly into the microcontroller (MCU).

The IGBT control signal is directly integrated into the MCU, which not only can improve the control accuracy and optimize the IGBT working condition.

The purpose is to eliminate the redundant electronic components and improve the stability and service life of the circuit.

The purpose is to eliminate the redundant electronic components, improve the stability and service life of the circuit, and optimize the IGBT operation by IGBT drive, reduce the temperature rise of IGBT and the temperature rise of bobbin, and thus improving the quality and service life of the whole machine. After testing, PIDT technology and PWM technology.

Compared with PWM technology, the PIDT technology is more effective in IGBT drive signal precision, IGBT drive signal stability, IGBT drive signal dynamic optimization, and anti-distortion.

signal stability, dynamic optimization of IGBT drive signal, anti-deflection capability, and interference deflection capability, harsh grid adaptability, IGBT temperature rise, bobbin temperature rise, machine stability, and machine cost. PIDT technology has very obvious advantages in all aspects. PIDT technology effectively reduces the cost of the product, but makes the performance of induction cooker more stable.


PIDT Circuit Introduction

Typical IGBT drive signal and current waveform

Figure 1


Typical IGBT drive signal and current waveform of the Unified Technology

Current waveform Figure 2


The blue line we see above is the IGBT drive voltage signal, and the yellow line on top is the IGBT current curve. We used different pots and pans for the induction cooker was tested. Stainless steel, stainless steel and pure iron pots and pans have different.

The temperature rise during use is different. Figure 1 shows that the current signal waveform has a very obvious. This current distortion causes a very high temperature rise of the IGBT.

This current distortion leads to a very high temperature rise of the IGBT. The distortion of the current in Figure 2 is improved, but the temperature rise of the IGBT is very high due to the difference of the pot.

The current distortion in Fig. 2 is improved, but it is caused by the difference of the pot.

Improved IGBT drive signal using PIDT technique

Current waveform graph 3


In Figure 3, we see that the PIDT technique makes the electric voltage waveform is effectively improved, and the spike waveform of current.

The spikes in the current are significantly reduced, especially the forward current distortion at startup has disappeared. Current distortion has disappeared, which is a more ideal working condition for induction cookers.

It is an ideal working condition for induction cooktops. This shows that different pots and pans are more suitable for PIDT technology has very little effect on the induction cooktop.

In other words, the adaptability of PIDT technology to cookware. This means that the adaptability of PIDT technology to the cookware is improved. This also indicates that, due to the high heat generation of the power tubes volume is large, increasing the heat sink, reducing power, etc. are not solve the fundamental solution to the temperature rise problem, and PIDT technology

is the most effective way to solve the problem of induction cooker temperature rise path.


PIDT technology is a system engineering, is a comprehensive technology, is another revolution of induction technology life. By comparing with the traditional technology can clearly see the advantages of this technology can be clearly seen by comparing with traditional technology.

Induction cooker industry is a promising industry.

It is in line with the national advocacy of environmental protection and energy-saving products.

Therefore, as a leading company in the induction cooker industry, Fuji Bao has been committed to technological innovation to drive the entire induction cooker industry, and should take up the responsibility of maintaining the market healthy development of the market, the shoddy, low-quality products of poor quality out of the market, and also consumers a a healthy consumer environ

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