Induction Cooker Parts: A Brief Walk Through

Induction Cooker Parts

Induction Cooker Parts: A Brief Walk Through

The main components of usual induction cookers are the glass plate, bottom cover, LED display, PCB, induction coil, fan, power cord and plug, and power supply. All induction cooker parts contribute to an accurate and efficient induction cooking, thus if one of them is broken it will not work properly, or worst will not turn on at all.

There are induction cooker fixings that are modular or can be accomplished by the user alone; however, there are also issues that need to be repaired by experts. In essence, who to repair it depends on the problem and how knowledgeable the repairer is.

Therefore, it is important to be familiar with the induction cookers components, for it will be useful when one of them is not working. Any damaged part of it can be replaced by a new one. And, some manufacturers produce only the parts of the induction cookers which are available on the market.

With this, we will provide you with a brief explanation of the basic components of an induction cooker.



Glass Plate

Let us start with the glass plate. This part is the top surface of the induction cooker which generally is made of glass. The button or touch control signs and text are printed on it. The glass plate is what makes the induction cooker easy to clean and looks sleek.


LED Display and PCB

A light-emitting diode display (LED Display) of an induction cooker is a panel display that produces light when there is a current flow in it. It allows the user to regulate the induction cooker through its control panel that is connected to the PCB. There are induction cookers that have button control and others have touch control.

The Printed Circuit Board or the PCB is the one that processes the functions asked by the user. It works as the brain of the induction cooker. The PCB itself has various small components. Part of it is the led driver which is attached to the back of the panel display and is linked to the PCB. All other small parts functions are as essential as the major parts.

Power Supply

The power supply of an induction hob is the device that supplies electrical power to the hob by converting the electric current to the right voltage and frequency. The power supply has input and output connections; the power input receives the current from an electric power source while the output sends the current to the electrical load.

The power supply of an induction cooker is very specific with its power range, such as the voltage and frequency. With this, the power range of the power supply must be compatible with the power source wherein the standard range is between 220 V to 240 V with 50 to 60 frequencies.



The fan functions as the cooling system of the induction cooker. It balances the heat when it is too hot. It also makes the heat residues dissipate after its usage. The details of the fan depend on the hob’s interior structure.


The coil is the unique component of the induction cookers. It is the key to creating a magnetic field, with the electric field, that transfers to the cookware.

Through induction, the electrical energy is transferred to the cookware from the coil. The coil is attached below the induction panel. In the center of it is the temperature sensor, which also has two temperature components.

Coil Induction Cooker

Read our blog about coil for further details.

Bottom Cover

Most of the bottom covers are made of plastic, but others are metal and crystal plates. This is used to protect the internal structure of the induction cooker and to form the external design.

Power Cord and Plug

The power cord and plug are used to connect the induction cooker to the electric power source. The plug used is based on the outlet used by the region as outlets vary by region.


There are various components of the induction cookers which all play essential functions. These are the glass plate, bottom cover, LED display, PCB, induction coil, fan, power cord and plug, and power supply. If any of the parts are broken, the induction hob will not work properly or will not function at all. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the broken induction cooker parts with a new one.

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