4 Burner Induction Cooktop

4 Burner Cooktop

4 Burner Induction Cooktop

What is a 4 burner induction cooktop?

A 4 burner Induction Cooktop has 4 cooking zones that has a digital design; a high-quality heating plate; multiple functions, timer and lock setting touch controls; and a modern appearance. These qualities provide the user with a modern and convenient way of cooking food whether for personal or commercial use.

The 4 cooking zones design is based on the former design of 4 burner stoves but with a touch of innovation and technological progress.

Energy Efficient/ Fast Cooking

The induction cooktop works through magnetic induction. Under the cooktop’s surface, an electric current runs through the cooker’s coil copper then produces an electromagnetic current that heats the cookware placed over the surface of the induction cooker. The way it works makes the cooking energy efficient.

As it provides heat directly from the electromagnetic current to the cookware, the food is cooked faster compared to a traditional gas stove that uses flame. With the latest design of a 4 burner induction cooktop, the cooking average time is faster. The cooking zones are designed with different heat levels which give the user control over the degree needed to cook the food. With its 4 different cooking zones, the user can simultaneously use the cooking zones.

Safety Features

A 4 burner induction cooker has temperature control which automatically reduces the heat or turns automatically when its temperature is over the limit. It also has a lock setting that gives the user an option to lock it so children cannot play with it.

The cooktop has a residual heat button that shows if the surface that’s used for cooking is still hot. When the remaining heat is intemperate the heat button turns off directly, this state that the surface is safe to touch. It also has a temperature and timer setting.

Easy to Clean

The surface design of the induction cooktop is easy to clean. Food or oil spills can be easily removed with the use of a damp cooktop cleaning cloth or sponge. It is also water and scratch-proof.


It has 4 different level digital cooking zones and is touch control. The panel surface is flat, has demarcated circles where the cookware is placed when cooking and is made of glass that brings a modern look to its total appearance.

Where to get a 4 burner induction cooktop?

Induction cooktops are now widely and massively produced all over the world, so choosing the best manufacturer is vital. Thus, the company must be trusted and certified in manufacturing high-quality cooktops.

When your company needs cooktops that are fit to what your trade wants, there are offered OEM and ODM services specifically for induction cooktops. These companies provide you with the solution that is designed for your business.

To get the best product and service, contact the companies on the contact details provided on their websites and compare what they can offer. Opt for the one that suits the product and service that your business needs.

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