Electric Induction Cooktop Maintenance and Cleaning: Brief Guide

Electric Induction Cooktop Maintenance and Cleaning

Electric Induction Cooktop Maintenance and Cleaning: Brief Guide

Truly, induction cooktops are expensive. Though you can save money in the long term, without proper electric induction cooktop maintenance and repair, you may spend more than what you expect. It is essential to plan your maintenance so you can prevent the huge fixings on your induction cooktop.

Repair companies can be expensive; especially if the issue is complicated such as a part of the induction cooktop needs to be replaced. But, no matter how costly it is, complicated issues must always be taken care of by professionals for the reason that you might damage the appliance in trying to repair it by yourself.

However, some measures can be done to prevent these complications from happening. There are also simple steps that you can follow to check the induction cooktop problems.

Thus, this blog talks about the maintenance, cleaning, and common problems of an induction cooktop.

Maintenance and Cleaning

There can be many reasons why your induction cooktop stops working. This includes improper electric induction cooktop maintenance and irregular cleaning. With this, it is important to take proper good care of your induction cooktop before you encounter a complex problem

Regular cleaning is part of maintaining your appliance. This could prevent the appliance from unnecessary issues caused by stiffening dirt or residues on the surface and liquids in-betweens the sides of it.


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How to Clean Your Induction Cooktop

Induction cooktops must be cleaned meticulously as the ceramic glass may get scratched. Thus, a non-scratch sponge or a soft and clean cloth must be used.


  1. Gather the materials needed for cleaning such as the following:
  • Non-scratch sponge and microfiber cloth
  • Induction hob cream cleaner
  1. Before cleaning, make sure that the induction cooktop is turned off and the heat residues dissipate.
  2. Wipe the food and oil residues using a damp cloth.
  3. To remove the remaining food and oil residues, apply an adequate amount of hob cleaner.
  4. Then, wipe the surface using the damp sponge.
  5. To check if the greasiness is gone, wipe the glass surface with a dry microfiber cloth. Rub your finger on the glass to feel if it is still oily. If it’s still greasy, apply a small amount of hob cleaner, and wipe it with a damp and clean sponge.
  6. Wipe again the surface using a dry microfiber cloth.
  7. You can spray a glass cleaner on the glass surface to make it shiny.

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Induction Cooktop Maintenance

These are the basic maintenance work to prevent issues with the induction cooktop.

  • Do not store or place objects that are beyond the weight capacity of the cooktop.
  • Immediately clean the induction hob after using.
  • Slowly place the cookware on the hob when cooking.
  • Prevent sliding the cookware on the surface.
  • Do not use a scratch sponge or any cloth that could scratch the ceramic glass.
  • Do regular cleaning.


Common Induction Cooktop Problems

The possibilities of why an induction cooktop is not properly functioning are comprehensive. It could be because of the fuse; a short circuit; or a problem with the filter board, main control board, coil, terminal box, etc. Other reasons could be simple but necessary steps to complete such as checking the lock setting.

Below are the common problems with an induction cooktop.

    • Not heating up
    • Constant beeping
    • Sensor problem
    • Shuts off
    • Not turning on
    • Broken glass


It is recommended that if your induction cooktop has an issue, it must be repaired by an expert to avoid further damage. But, before calling the induction hob repair company, ensure that you have performed the following:

Check if you have the correct cookware

An induction hob will not work if the wrong cookware is used. Most likely, the pan will not heat up or the cooking zone will not turn on if the pan is not compatible with the hob. So, if this happens ensure that:

  • the diameter of the pan should be based on the size of the cooking zone. Thus, it will not work if it is too big or too small;
  • the cookware you use is compatible with an induction hob such as cast iron, enamel on metal, or stainless steel over aluminum; and
  • if the cooktop is still not working even when the cookware is compatible and properly place on the cooking zone, then you should have it checked by an expert.

Induction Cooktop Maintenance

Check the lock setting

Since there is a safety feature of the induction cooktop where it can be locked, there is a possibility that it is set to lock setting which is why it’s not turning on. Check first if you have unlocked it before turning it on.

There is no power source

  • Check if the induction cooktop is properly connected to its assigned outlet.
  • If it is and it is still not working, check the other appliances if they are working when connected with the power source. If not, the problem may be the power source and not the induction cooktop.


If the induction cooker is damaged:

If the problem is not about the lock, the cookware, or the power source, it is recommended that you call the nearest induction cooktop repair company. It is risky to fix the hob when you are not trained to do it. This may cause additional damage and may incur further expenses.


There could be various reasons why an induction cooktop is not working properly or not functioning at all. There are complex issues that the user is not qualified to fix because they may lead to more problematic matters. Therefore, getting help from the experts is the best way to do it.

What you can do is prevent damage from happening through proper maintenance and regular cleaning. The vital steps in electric induction cooktop maintenance are regular cleaning and ensuring that it is used suitably. Using it more than what it can handle can result in problems.

This means that no matter how expensive and stable your induction cooktop is, if it is not used and taken care of the way it should be, then there is a big chance that it would have issues. So, ensure proper maintenance and regular cleaning.

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