How Safe Induction Cooking to Health Is?

safe induction cooking cooking hob

How Safe Induction Cooking to Health Is?

There has been controversy about how safe induction cooking is for our health. Many are not reluctant to buy induction cookers because they are afraid that they might get sick, perhaps get cancer, due to the effect of the electromagnetic fields.

However, it is not proven that there is a long-term negative impact on health in using an induction cooker. According to World Health Organization and National Cancer Institute, there is no proof that EMFs (Electromagnetic Fields) formed by induction cookers could cause cancer.

Therefore, it is essential to explain this matter since most people believe that there is a health effects to using an induction cooker. This blog talks about the health effect of using an induction cooker and the EMF radiation produced by induction cookers.

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How Induction Cooker Works?

An induction cooker heats up with the use of electromagnetic fields. It is a combination of electric and magnetic power. The electric current is delivered through the induction cooker’s coil. This creates a magnetic current all over the cookware which results in it receiving heat.

Because of this process, the heat can only be felt on the cookware and a specific area of the cooking hob or the cooking zone used. An induction cooker does not produce indoor pollutants such as gas.

EMFs in Induction Cookers

Electromagnetic fields are the combination of electric fields and magnetic fields. Magnetic fields are formed when there is a movement of electric current. Unlike an electric field, a magnetic field cannot take place without current flow.

The electromagnetic fields emit electromagnetic radiation, which is non-ionizing radiation. In fact, all appliances that use electric current produce EMFs, including induction cookers. Therefore, non-ionizing EMFs should not be a problem for people who want to buy induction cooker but are afraid that there might be a negative effect on their health.

This means that the induction cooker creates non-ionizing radiation. Ionizing is the process in which ions are created through the loss of an electron from an atom or molecule. This includes breakage of living tissues that may result in abnormalities of the tissue, like cancer, if there is too much damage.

As already stated, the EMFs or non-ionizing radiation produced by an induction cooker is very low that there is no chance of it causing cancer to our body. There is even a guideline about the radiation limit of appliances that manufacturers must observe before they can produce induction cookers. This is how safe induction cooking is.

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Effect on People with Pacemakers

A strong electromagnetic field can cause issues for a pacemaker. Because of this, it is advisable to ask a doctor first before buying or using an induction cooker. Though, it is implausible that the EMF of an induction cooker is sufficient enough to interfere with a pacemaker unless it is very near the used cooking zone. Data shows that the pacemaker would only be affected if it is 1 to 2 inches away from the induction hob’s cooking zone.

However, it still is safe to consult a doctor first to provide instruction on what to do and what not when it is fine to use an induction cooker.

Effects on Children and Pregnant

Studies show that EMFs of home appliances, such as induction cookers, have no negative health effects both on children and pregnant women. This is also according to the data produced by the World Health Organization.


There is no current proof that induction cookers could cause adverse health effects to those who use them. In effect, when you search about health-related induction cooker topics, you’ll find out how safe induction cooking is compared to other cooking hobs.

The EMFs in induction cookers are non-ionizing and would not cause cancer. The radiation it produces is very low and has no effect on our health. It also has no health impact on children and pregnant women. However, if someone has a pacemaker it is recommended to consult a doctor first before getting an induction cooker.

Therefore, it is reasonable to buy and use an induction cooker; for other than the benefits it offers such as the lock setting, sleek design, fast cooking, environmentally friendly, etc. it has no adverse effect on your health.

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