5 Tips for Best Restaurant Induction Cooktop

commercial induction cooktop

5 Tips for Best Restaurant Induction Cooktop

Restaurant owners today are shifting from a gas range to an induction cooktop. Not just because of it being economical and environmentally friendly, but also the overall benefits they’ll get in using an induction cooktop. Altering what you got accustomed to could be challenging, considering that you need to get acquainted with the qualities and capabilities of the new one.

Similar to how impassioned chefs are in cooking, from selecting the ingredients to presenting them artistically, choosing the equipment for cooking is as important as them. There are essential matters to consider in order to get the best restaurant induction cooktop. With this, we created 5 tips as a guide in selecting a commercial induction cooktop.

1.Opt for Customized Induction Cooktop

Most induction cooktops have the same features such as touch control, safety features, sleek top surface, easy to clean, etc. These are good things, but it would be better if the induction cooktop is designed specifically for your restaurant kitchen. This way, the chef will be more comfortable and confident in cooking because the induction cooktop corresponds to what he and the kitchen need.

Induction cooktop customization is accessible, especially to restaurant owners. There are induction cooktop manufacturers that allow their clients to design their cooktops according to what their business needs. With customization, you can make the best use of the general features of an induction cooktop while you also enjoy its unique design.

2.Good Reviews

One of the most important concerns when choosing the best restaurant induction cooktop is the feedback from those who are already using the equipment. Sure thing there is a high number of companies that can supply you with commercial induction cooktops, but you can be unsure of the quality of products and service they offer.

This is why it is vital to ask for feedback from others on their experience with the product and service provided by the supplier. Referral from someone in your industry who is knowledgeable of induction cooktops would also be of help. Another option would be to research online and check the reviews about the induction cooktop manufacturers.

3.Accredited Induction Cooktop and Manufacturer

Commercial cooking needs not just extensive labor but also heavy-duty equipment, this includes the cooktop. Failure to find an induction cooktop made for commercial cooking will greatly affect the business. This is why probing if the company is a legitimate supplier of induction cooktops is essential.

Moreover, accreditation of the product itself from the authorities must be ensured, this is to attest that the manufacturer builds the equipment per national and international standards.


4. Right Induction Cooktop

There is a right induction cooktop for commercial cooking, and there is always a chance of getting the wrong one. With that, here are the things that are to be thought out to have the best restaurant induction cooktop.

  • Heavy-duty

Simple home cooking differs from commercial cooking such that an induction cooktop is continuously operating all day in a commercial setup while in home kitchens it is only used during meal preparation. In order to ensure the longevity of the cooktop, it must be designed capable of extensive and heavy cooking.

  • Power and Temperature Control

As restaurants’ cooking level varies, the kind of food that will be cooked using the induction cooktop should be considered. This way the heat range produced by the induction will be included during the making of the cooktop when customized, and the right hobs are chosen when you select the ready to install equipment.

  • Voltage Requirement

Also, the voltage of the cooktop should be based on the required power voltage of the state. This is because of the various voltage and frequencies of each region. This is vital since not only one or two hobs will be used, and electrical safety is important.

  • Easy to Clean

Cooking the whole day is already an arduous job, and it could be too much to think about when you add up cleaning to that. This is why it is necessary to choose the right induction cooktop. An easily cleaned and maintained equipment can save a lot of energy.

Induction cooktops are designed with ceramic glass hobs and surfaces. This feature can be incorporated into the whole design of the kitchen where the result will favor not just the cooking part but also during the cleaning.


5. Drop-in or Countertop

The Drop-in type of induction cooker is mostly used in restaurants; however, you have the choice to opt for the countertop. There are benefits from both units. Drop-in blends perfectly with the overall design of the kitchen, especially the countertops. A countertop is portable and can be placed anywhere and whenever you want to.

But, you always need to accord it with the workspace first. This is also one of the reasons why drop-in is best for commercial kitchens, because it saves space.

What Now?

The cooking range is as essential as the other parts of cooking, especially in commercial cooking. Without a suitable induction cooktop for a restaurant, it would be difficult to produce a consistent and delicious taste of the food. With this, it is necessary to consider customizing the cooktop for your kitchen and the chef’s need, ensure that the equipment supplier has an accredited company and products, and all other required features to have a convenient and productive workspace.

Using an induction cooktop is a wise choice, but ensuring to have the best restaurant induction cooktop is what your business needs. There is nothing more logical than to maximize the use of technology today such as commercial induction cooktops.

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